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The freeware version of IDA Pro has been upgraded from v5 to v7, and includes support for 64-bit. Happy hacking
What are some good resources for binary exploitation?
I added a problem about 3 weeks ago that I made. It's a Web Application Security/Cryptography "problem" (it's multiple problems that lead to one flag). However, I haven't gotten a notification on when it will be posted, if they're going to post it at ... Read more
it takes a long time for someone to answer you question when you ask so when they finally answer you question you already finished the challenge

No option for delete profile?

This seems like an awesome site but I notice the last post was 19 days ago, is WhatTheHack still being used/updates

What happened to Look Me Up challenge? After spending a few hours to find something, it's sad to see it has removed.  Have you removed the challenge or something is wrong?

I cannot see the "Solve" button to ... Read more